Personalized Make Up Bag

personalized make up bag

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    make up
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personalized make up bag - Personalized Makeup

Personalized Makeup & Cosmetic Bag with Accessories

Personalized Makeup & Cosmetic Bag with Accessories

For the stylish girl on the go, our Personalized Cosmetic Tote is her perfect traveling companion!We custom embroider any name in the elegant letter style shown in coordinating pink thread.Cosmetic Tote features: - 3 clear plastic, zipper-closure pockets (one is removable with Velcro) and a 5 slot brush pocket. - Crafted of durable brown and pink canvas material with sturdy bindings. - Features 13"L handles with Velcro strap closure for easy travel. - Measures 11"L x 7 3/4"W (15 1/2"W when open).Please note, accessories shown are NOT included.

77% (16)

What's in my bag?

What's in my bag?

1. Apple Macbook Black 2.4Ghz
2. Nokia N95 8GB
3. Emporio Armani Bag
4.Collection 2000 pumping lip Gloss
5. Nivia tinted pink lip treatment
6. YSL Radience Smooting Foundation
7. YSL Touche Eclate ( Instant Radience)
8. No7 Skin Illuminator
9. Prada Wallet containing
American Express RED
Drivers Licence
M.A.C Cosmetics ID Badge
Huge Can Of Hair Spray..

Missing Items.
1.Marlboro Lights Cigarettes
2. Personalised Zippo Lighter
3. M.A.C Cosmetics (The entire Brush Set with belt)
4. Sergical Spirit ( For cleaning my make-up brushes)
5. Nikon D80

Just to let you know i am male and yes men wear make-up too..

As from the Description i am training to be a make-up artist

Personalized Pick-Up Truck Tote Bag

Personalized Pick-Up Truck Tote Bag

This cute tote bag is a royal blue canvas on the outside, with red and white gingham check on the inside and it has red handles. This cute pick-up truck applique design will make any little boy happy! Great size for child (10" x 10"), and may be personalized with one name.

personalized make up bag

personalized make up bag

Custom LeatherCraft 1173 32-Pocket Socket Tool Roll Pouch

Custom Leathercraft 1173 32 Pocket Socket & Tool Roll PouchFrom work aprons to tool pouches to kneepads to suspenders and bucket organizers, Custom LeatherCraft's line of high-quality, well-designed products have been tried, measured, and found worthy. So worthy, in fact, that we occupy the largest market share in the work gear categories of tool holders, organizers and accessories.A Custom Leathercraft 1173 32 Pocket Socket & Tool Roll Pouch Features:; Unique socket holder with hook and loop closure holds metric and standard sockets; Heavy duty elastic strap keeps tools in place; Adjustable quick release buckle fastens pouch when not in use; Carrying handle for easy transport; 32 pockets*Tools Not Included

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