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Eye Makeup Tips For Small Eyes

eye makeup tips for small eyes

    small eyes
  • Abishabis or Small Eyes (died 30 August 1843) was a religious leader of the Cree First Nation who became the prophet of a millenarian religious movement that swept through the Cree communities of northern Manitoba and Ontario during the 1840s.

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  • cosmetics applied to the face to improve or change your appearance

  • constitution: the way in which someone or something is composed

  • an event that is substituted for a previously cancelled event; "he missed the test and had to take a makeup"; "the two teams played a makeup one week later"

  • Cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance

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eye makeup tips for small eyes - Kevyn Aucoin

Kevyn Aucoin Small Eyeshadow Flat Tip Brush 1 ea

Kevyn Aucoin Small Eyeshadow Flat Tip Brush 1 ea

Used for delicate or specific application to areas like the crease or under eye area.
"I often smudge the brush into the eyshadow and blow off the excess to keep the application from being too heavy, using the back of my hand as my palette. When using powder products, it is important to make sure the eyelids, as well as the brush, are dry. It is also important to make sure the eyelids are powdered. Otherwise, oil from the eyelid will 'grab' the powder eye shadow and create an uneven or blotchy effect." ~ Kevyn Aucoin

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This photo and this doll... are a long time coming. <3 It's difficult to keep myself from bursting into tears from happiness right now.

Meet Braille, my very first (and only) Kenner Blythe! After all these years of collecting, I can't believe I have a Kenner. I've wanted one ever since I started buying Blythes back in 2004, but their high prices held me back. By some stroke of luck last week, I came across a Kenner that I instantly fell in love with when I saw her photos, and her price was actually something I could afford if I sold another doll of mine. She had all of her stock makeup (except her blush, which I added even more to when she arrived) and her hair was in near-pristine condition (so smooth frizz-free!). Her body had no cracks and her legs and eyes clicked perfectly. All of her eyelashes were in place. At that moment... I knew she had to be mine.

I won't go into too much detail about getting my first Kenner right now since I want to write a nice, long blog post about her soon. Instead, I'll go into a brief description of her name.

Braille is perfect in every way to me. What some people might consider "flaws" with her make her all that much more perfect. She came to me with the tips of her hands cut off by a previous owner-- not the friend I bought her from, but someone before her. There's also a little gap between her scalp and her head, which isn't even noticeable because her hair covers it. Braille is "a system of writing and printing for blind or visually impaired people, in which varied arrangements of raised dots representing letters and numerals are identified by touch." I think the meaning of braille connects the perfect with the imperfect, creating a beautiful balance in the world. Also, "Braille" (by Lisa Hannigan) is the name of a song I would like Shawn and I to dance to at our wedding.

I don't plan to have more than one Kenner. Braille will forever be my one Kenner sweetheart. My Blythe family is rather small and I hope to keep it that way so I can spoil each and every girl rotten. Braille will be coming along with me on many travels and get lots of pressies in her new life with me. ^___^

Eastern Small-eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens)

Eastern Small-eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens)

Eastern Small-eyed Snake (Cryptophis nigrescens), Royal National Park, New South Wales.

I've always been under the impression that this species was nocturnal so it was a surprise to see a small snake basking in a little mossy hollow along the track.

eye makeup tips for small eyes

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